My Comment to the FCC

The FCC has opened itself up to comment regarding the pending legislation over Internet Neutrality. Please let your voice be heard and send in your comments here:

Here was the comment I submitted for those interested”

“The purpose of any government oversight of markets is quite simply to insure open and fair competition in the best interest of our society. However, allowing network provides to create a fast lane for large corporations who can afford it by no means meets this definition. The beauty of the internet is in the speed with which is provides options to otherwise inaccessible content. It allows two people whom would otherwise never cross paths to connect. It provides a platform for entrepreneurs to reach a wide audience and distribute their innovations which add real value to our society and jobs to our labor market. It is the 21st century communications network that has separated this generation of humans from the past and represents a transition in the way we view the world. We suddenly realize how connected we all are, that we are all one species, that someone on the other side of the globe is little more than a click away from having a discussion with. Allowing for this legislation to create a fast lane is the equivalent of an iron curtain upon all that makes the internet the wonderful medium that it is. It transitions this evolutionary technological achievement into little more than a 24/7 infomercial for large corporations to bully their way into digital monopolies. It completely discriminates the possibility of the next Facebook, the next Amazon, Google, YouTube, Spotify, Paypal etc. from ever becoming a reality. We’ve had a legitimate internet for little more than 2 decades and we’re just getting started to discover the possibilities that await. Let’s not deter those seeking to climb Everest from ever strapping on a pair of hiking boots.”


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